• What Girls Gain by Attending Possibility Camp

    Developing A Design Thinking Approach

    Our campers learn a method for practical, creative resolution of problems using empathy, with the intent of understanding the way they do things (and why), their physical and emotional needs, how they think about world, and what is meaningful to them.


    Design thinking is a method used by Apple, IBM, and some governments to develop new products, strategies, and programs.

    Discover more about design thinking by watching this video.

    Creating Understanding For Leading Change

    A great leader creates a vivid and compelling vision that motivates team members to achieve it while supporting them along the way.


    Our campers will get the tools to create a focused vision for the future that enhances awareness and commitment towards effective social responsibility and leadership.

    Creating A Growth Mindset

    Successful adults hold a growth mindset which at its core holds the value of a love for learning and a resilience that is critical for greater accomplishment.


    Women with a growth mindset believe that their basic abilities can be developed through dedication, hard work and a curiosity to continue learning throughout life.

    Through a series of exercises with our mentors, campers will see the benefits of developing a growth mindset to create motivation and productivity in the spheres of business, education, and sports and to enhances relationships.

  • At Possibility Camp, we believe in:

    • Developing the next generation through experiential learning

    • Focusing on growth mindset VS a fixed mindset (where you believe that you’re basically stuck with what you’ve been dealt)

    • STEAM thinking (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

    The 7 Pillars Of Possibility Camp

    • Respect for self and others

    • Being your authentic self

    • Gratitude

    • Accountability

    • Abundance mindset

    • Will not shame other’s feelings

    • A safe space to fully express herself

  • We let kids be kids!

    What will your Changemaker create for our Future?

  • FAQ's

    When is camp?

    Our dates for 2018 will be announced soon. Be sure to sign up for our camp email updates.

    How much is it?

    Possibility Camp is $100/day - for a total of $500 per girl.


    Pricing includes:

    • All programming

    • Location tour

    • Snacks

    We also include a limited number of Early Bird Tickets - so be sure to check out those details on the enrolment page!

    What if we can’t afford it this year?

    Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we offer a percentage of scholarship tickets for campers and families who qualify. Click here apply for a scholarship for your girl.

    How old does my camper need to be to attend camp?

    Campers must be 8 years old by March 1, 2017.

    What time does camp start?

    You can drop off your camper as early as 8:30. Camp begins at 9:00am.

    Is lunch provided?

    Lunch is only provided for Wednesday and Friday. Snacks will be available all day.

    What about dietary restrictions?

    Not a problem! Be sure to indicate on your registration form any dietary restrictions we should be aware of.

    Can my camper be in the same group as their friend?

    We are one big group! The only time we separate is for some smaller group activities, but we are never without the whole group for long. We encourage connection and deepening relationships in new social situations. We accept friend requests; however, we are unable to guarantee placement.

    What if I need a refund?

    No refunds will be issued if a reservation is cancelled within 21 days of the session start date. Otherwise, camp fees are refundable, less a $50 administration fee

    I still have more questions. Is there someone I can talk to?

    Of course! Please message us below and one of our directors will schedule a time to speak with you if we can’t answer your questions simply over email.

  • A Special Thank You To Our Camp Partners

  • Summer Camp at Ryerson DMZ & Telus Headquarters

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